Wrist / Forearm Curl w/ Phil Ugarte

Lower Back Foundation w/ Phil Ugarte

Plank / Bridge with Phil Ugarte

Bodyweight Squat w/ Phil Ugarte

Last 1/3 Power Phase of Freestyle with Phil Ugarte

Pushup Progression with Elle Boyd.

Seated back and lower body stretches with Elle Boyd.

Perhaps redo so that we can see her legs.

Upper body stretching with Elle Boud

In Balance Knee-Bends with Phillip Ugarte

Pushups, progression with Phill Ugarte

Instep Stretch and Hip Flexion with Phil Ugarte

Breaststroke ShockCords with Phil Ugarte

First 1/3 (Freestyle “Catch”) Shock Cords with Phill Ugarte

“Bratouzees” (former CBA SWIMMER) Shocks with Phill Ugarte

Elevated Supported legs with Phill Ugarte

French Curl or Press, with Phill Ugarte

Burpees with Phill Ugarte

Butterfly Under water Press Shock Cords with Phill Ugarte

French Curl/Press With Phill Ugarte

Sit-ups Regular and Russian with Phil Ugarte

ForeArm and Full Arm/Back, Bridge/Plank wit Phill Ugarte

Freestyle, Underwater Press Shock Cords With Phill Ugarte